Massachusetts Health Care Quality and Cost Council

The Massachusetts Health Care Quality and Cost Council was established as part of the 2006 Massachusetts Health Reform law. As stated within this law, the Council works to:

  • Establish statewide goals for improving health care quality, containing health care costs, and reducing racial and ethnic disparities in health care
  • Demonstrate progress toward achieving those goals
  • Disseminate through a consumer-friendly website and other media, comparative health care cost, quality, and related information for consumers, health care providers, health plans, employers, and policy-makers

The Council's vision is that Massachusetts will consistently achieve the highest level of health care according to national measures by June 30, 2012. This means health care that is safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, equitable, integrated, and affordable.

The Massachusetts Health Care Quality and Cost Council is a semi-independent state agency. It is governed by a body that includes health care quality and cost experts appointed by the Governor, as well as state officials or their designees as determined by the Massachusetts Law Chapter 6A, Sections 16K and 16L.

An active Advisory Committee offers advice and feedback. Its members include consumers as well as representatives from business, labor, health care providers, and health plans.

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